How to buy keto pills.

Keto pills: is it working?

Every day we get emails advertising keto pills that offer great weight loss results with very little effort is there such a thing that is our topic today.
And the we are going to use before we get into that discussion we're going to talk about Keith who lost his weight the boring old fashioned way I had.
A hard work.
Yeah US so if you're new to our channel keep lost eighty pounds following a very low carb ketogenic diet he is now on to phase two going down to a new lower level and we are giving progress reports each week.
So after maintaining for a year and two or three months and then start losing and so we're we Kate everyone every four weeks I do my body fat.
That composition to it's not a Texas can obviously but it is relative to itself fairly accurate so today I am at one sixty nine point now.
Exactly the same the one last week so I had I had the the flat week this week no change in a few then following along you know that we had a two day couple weeks ago on.
Thanksgiving which was thanksgiving for us.
Really yeah I don't know what it wants but dot has really set me back I have not yet gotten back to the point that I was the day before we had that cheating and that's that's a little disconcerting so my body fat percentage was fourteen point two percent today which is actually up point two percent from what it was before was fourteen my fat mass went up point one pounds and my lean that's actually went down one point five and that is a little disconcerting so now and obviously we don't know that that you know that doesn't necessarily mean muscle could be water and different things but I have been utilizing extended fast you know the past few weeks and kind of experiment with that so on we might have to rethink that little bit all rethink the timing of that and maybe having that extended fast.
Right prior to doing a body fat analysis.
Is skewing that had them.
What will happen yeah.
Like the very loud.
Yeah it in and that is why we're going through this on camera figured out hopefully help you guys figure it out too when you were dead lost your initial eighty pounds you did not do extended fast.
No I did I think intermittent fasting.
Yeah and mostly sixteen eight.
Just pretty consistent and tracked everything yeah.
And during that time you'll rarely had a loss of lean mass.
Thank the entire time I think in the mass.
State pretty stayed pretty consistent or I mean I would lose a little bit but I would lose you know if I lost.
Three pounds you know eighty percent of that would be fat and one which would be normal and I would be good.
So that's where we're at with that.
So you know this is a that there's there's a lot of work and effort going into this for sure so it would be wonderful if you could get out of a magic pill to help out and would.
So what we did this past week is we spent the week gathering up all of the emails that come into our in box that have keto in the in.
The going are junk mail.
They usually they'll but we we fish them out and and got them and other usually advertising pretty incredible results this one for instance lose fifty fifty pounds in sixty one days I figure I thought that was like the the biggest one but you actually beat that one I can beat that.
I got this one the subject line says last day lose ninety seven pound and pound in just one week's.
That's great that's a lot that is ninety seven pounds.
That would be the black fifteen five which.
I which I weigh less than that.
But the you know then I'll actually went one other I thought this was kind of interesting so this was from like this it it was the exact same ad came on December first lose thirty pounds in just three weeks then actually two days later on the third lose fifty pounds and.
And just three weeks out even better.
Yeah but unfortunately for hours later it via another email came that you could only the thirty.
I'd like to bring this one up for this as it was voted the number one fat burning product in the USA and I did not get to vote.
I feel a little bit.
Well five south so obviously they were.
On a good note I did get an email from Nigerian prince all you're going to be millionaires fantastic yes we might not be.
So I you know honestly where.
Poking fun at the advertising not at not at people that might have order these girls and and I have to say we are not.
Above that if you watch our story video willing to that.
I'm not ordering diet pills in the past.
And it's hard not to fall for that I mean it's hard because it's hard work and you know if you believe you know the claims is at it sounds great.
But now there's there's just no.
Here here's the thing about ketosis Akita genic diet even a low carb diet what you are doing is you are changing the your metabolism in when not you go on a low carb or keep genic diet you are becoming a better fat burner but in order to do that your cells have to create the enzymes in the mitochondria maybe I should say a little bit that will allow for more fat burning and that is a process that takes time that does not happen overnight.
Right and that's why it it takes several days and sometimes even more than that you've heard the Cato flew words like just transition of getting your machinery from one field to the next.
Right right and so there are really truly know keto.
Hills that will that will do that and and we should probably mention exogenous ketones because someone will probably be curious about those.
Right and there there aren't you can buy those there are a couple of I think prove it and Cato as have exogenous ketone formulations that you can take so you're actually taking Keaton you're putting ketones in your body and you will have ketones in your blood.
Your body is not in the state of ketosis it's not producing ketones.
So we have not figured out we've thought about trying to test some of that we just don't know the parameters that we could do that because it will show Kita but I think it would have to be like over long term or something and originally those were designed for military use in the permanent defense use to big because it helps with contact if that's what you're taking for them then great yeah.
Yeah but if you're taking them in hopes that you're going to speed up your weight loss I don't think that you're going to get those effects because you're you're taking the ketones and so yes your blood going to register ketones but those keep guns are not there because that broke down when somebody goes through the effort to change their diet and cuts out carbohydrates than their body will take fat.
Break it down and produce king towns.
Right now at the test.
Well we don't know how how they would work and how we test and and we don't think that they are an answer to to a fat loss.
Right right now we we can end on this maybe that doesn't mean that there aren't supplements that can help you along your journey and not one I would like to bring up is L. carnitine and I think we've talked about this in a different.
I'm pretty sure we can be a several times.
Yeah but it is a component that helps fatty free fatty acids get into the mitochondria which are the power houses that that will burn that for energy.
It's kind of a transport that takes it cross the membrane of the mitochondria into the cycle is working on a new life for energy so you have to have that in order to have that money going on.
So so there are some supplements that can help you along your journey but I highly doubt there's one that will what was it.
Ninety seven pounds in one week's.
Yeah don't get that one.